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Zolax - Alprax (Xanax) - Alprazolam 1mg

Zolax - Alprax (Xanax) 1mg

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Alprazolam is an Anxiolytics drug provides the Anxiolytics, calming, soothing, anticonvulsant, central muscle relaxant effect.

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Zolax 1 mg is the best prescribed medication for the management of excessive fear or nervousness, anxiety, anxiety associated depression, and panic disorders. It consists of Alprazolam as a key active component in them. Alprazolam falls under the group of medicines known as benzodiazepines. It shows its working by acting on the central nervous system and modify chemical activity in the brain to diminish abnormal excitement, reduce anxiety and worry, and promotes sleep.

Dosage regimen of Zolax-

Zolax is accessible into the form of a tablet. One has to consume one dose of Zolax 10 mg via oral route with a glass full of water. The dose of Zolax for anxiety should be exceeded at the interval of 3 to 4 days by 1 mg, and the maximum dose of Zolax should not be exceeded by 4 mg. In the case of panic, disorder patient has to consume one dose per day and the maximum suggested dose not be exceeded beyond 10 mg.

Incompatible factors of Zolax-

  • Don't consume Zolax if you are sensitive to Alprazolam or to any other ingredient of Zolax. 
  • Avoid utilization of Zolax if you are a pregnant woman.
  • Tells to your doctor about all the medication you are taking like herbal and vitamins supplements.
  • In the case of the medical history of liver and kidney disease, don't consume Zolax. 

Side effects of Zolax-

Addiction may nurture if Alprazolam is continual for the long term. Other uncommonly observed side effects are, memory impairment, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,  lightheadedness, abnormal involuntary movement, headache, muscular twitching, fatigue, tiredness, irritability, weight loss and decreased appetite.

Preventive measures of Zolax-

  • Avoid the ingestion of alcohol and nicotine, if you are relying on Zolax.
  • Use of Zolax may make you feel dizzy, so don't drive or operate any machinery while relying on Zolax.
  • Avoid taking any other medication along with Zolax without doctor's prescription.
  • Don't stop the use of Zolax abruptly. 

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