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Olamine Shampoo - Ciclopirox Shampoo

Ciclopirox Olamine Scalp Shampoo

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Olamine Shampoo is a natural but best cosmetic cum therapeutic product for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, Dermatophytosis, PityriasisVersicolor, Vaginal candidiasis, and Psoriasis.This is an everyday milder shampoo consisting active ingredientsPiroctone Olamine and Ciclopirox. This new generation formula treats fungal infection of the scalp whereas Zinc and Biotinpresent in the shampoo promote natural hair growth and the density of the hairs over scalp simultaneously nourishes the dry scalp. Salicylic acid present in shampoo exfoliates the dead cells from the scalp and clear off the sebum from the head making the pores clear and open.

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What is the way via Olamine Shampoo acts to clean out dandruff?

Olamine shampoo consists of Piroctone Olaminefights actively with dandruff over the scalp and also nourishes the excessively dry skin of the head. Ciclopirox is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent that this shampoo has which show its effect over the patient scalp by inhibiting the development of dermatophytes, which is a culprit reason behind the development of infection over skin, scalp, nail, and hairs. The two components together alter the configuration due to chelation process to inhibit the fungus development.

What is the way to use Olamine Shampoo?

Patients those are suffering from dandruff issues can use the Olamine Shampoo over their wet hairs and can massage the same over the scalp and the hairs for minimum 5 minutes and then wash the hair off with water. For long hairs use 10 ml of shampoo whereas for short hairs 5ml of shampoo is enough. For effective results use Olamine shampoo min twice a week for a duration up to 4 weeks. It’s healthy to give a gap of 3 days between two applications of the shampoo.

What side do effects Olamine Shampoo can develop?

Some specific patients who have the sensitive skin of the scalp can get a hand few of side effects such as mild burning and itching over the head and dry scalp.

What do precautionary measures a patient can follow when using Olamine Shampoo?

A patient who is using this shampoo have to follow these precautionary measures:

  • Take extreme caution when you’re using this shampoo over your scalp and hairs and don’t let the shampoo go inside your eyes, mouth, or nose else you might get irritation in the mucosal region and pink or painful eyes
  • Patients under age of 16 years must not use this shampoo without taking expert consultation with the physician
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use any product without the consultation of her physician

What are the contradictory factors to use of Olamine Shampoo?

Patients those have the hypersensitive skin of the scalp must restrict the use of Olamine Shampoo.

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