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Infertility Therapy

The most painful emotional phase that could occur in a couple’s life is infertility, or the inability to conceive a child. Fertility issues can be conducted in both men and women.Difficulty in becoming pregnant can be due to the result of complications in any of the steps included in the process of becoming pregnant that are as follows:

  • The release of the egg or ovulation
  • The linking of egg and sperm
  • Effect of age or poor reproductive system
  • The egg's route through the fallopian tube or blocked fallopian

Difficulty in making your partner pregnant may be due to the result of:

  • Low sperm count
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Unhealthy sperms

As numbers of factors are responsible for infertility issues, therefore, the fertility doctors will generally examine both the partners. Infertility issues could also be the conclusion from some of the medical conditions, some habits such as smoking or consuming excessive alcohol and due to environmental toxins.

Infertility issues could be best treated with medication, surgery, natural remedies, dietary or changing lifestyle, or with the use of some combination of treatments. A number of medications are available in the market that is used to manage the infertility problems in both males and females.

Various injectable doses containing HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin)are available that could help the infertile couple to overcome his/her infertility issues.

HCG is the astonishing way out that an infertile couple could depend upon to get rid of the painful phase of their infertility. The female who are facing problem in her menopause and unable to conceive can use HCG to make the pregnancy conceivable. On the other hand, males could make use of these medicines for the growth of testicles enhances their sensual features in males.

At our drug portal, we offer several anti-infertility drugs like Pregnyl, Hucog, Ovidac, Clomid, etc.

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