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Efudex Cream

Fluorouracil (flore oh YER a sill) topical

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Fluorouracil (flore oh YER a sill) topical
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1 Tube Efudex 1% Cream (10gm) $28.00 $28.00
3 Tubes Efudex 1% Cream (10gm) $75.00 $25.00
1 Tube Efudex 5% Cream (10gm) $52.00 $52.00
3 Tubes Efudex 5% Cream (10gm) $152.00 $50.67

Efudex 1% Cream is generally used to treat superficial malignant skin cancers. It is also used to manage pre-malignant skin lesions such as actinic keratoses or solar keratoses (skin growths caused by exposure to sunlight). Efudex 1% Cream is an antineoplastic topical preparation consist of generic medicine known as Fluorouracil.

How does Efudex 1% Cream work?

Fluorouracil is cytotoxic antimetabolite, it prevents the generation of DNA and RNA in the cancerous cells. Hence, it prevents cancerous and pre-cancerous cells from multiplying, resulting in the death of the cells.

How to use Efudex 1% Cream?

Before using this cream gently wash the affected part of the skin and dry with gentle tapping. Take a nonmetallic applicator or wear rubber gloves and take a small amount of cream to apply on the affected part of the skin. Apply this cream twice daily in an amount sufficient to cover the lesions. The usual duration of therapy is from 2 to 4 weeks and medication is continued until the inflammatory response reaches the erosion stage.

What are the contraindications of Efudex 1% Cream?

  • If you're hypersensitive to Efudex 1% Cream or its other components, then avoid using this cream.
  • If you're pregnant or planning to get pregnant, then don't use this cream.
  • The use of this cream is prohibited under metabolic disorder such as dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) enzyme deficiency.

Are there any precautions to be followed while using Efudex 1% Cream?

  • Avoid the direct contact with sunlight after using this medicine, so it is advised to use protective clothing or sunscreen while using this cream.
  • This cream should with caution in children, as the safety and efficacy in children have not been established.
  • Avoid the use of other medications over the treated without consulting the doctor.
  • Use this cream with caution, so avoid getting the cream in the eyes, nose or mouth, particularly if it is used on the face.

Are there any side effects of Efudex 1% Cream?

An individual can experience some side effects while using this cream such as skin irritation, burning, redness, dryness, pain, swelling, insomnia, irritability, temporary hair loss, and alteration in skin color.

Are there any drug interactions of Efudex 1% Cream?

Some medicines such as Brivudine and Sorivudine should not be used along with this medicine, as it may augment the risk of side effects from fluorouracil.

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