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Dovonex 30gm

Calcipotriene (kal-si-poe-TRY-een) Topical

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Dovonex Ointment is frequently used medicine for the treatment of plaque psoriasis. It contains Calcipotriene as the primary ingredient applied on the skin. It is derivative of vitamin D and reduces the formation of skin cells, inflammation, associated with psoriasis, flatten lesions and remove scale. It also can be used to treat psoriasis on the scalp and nails.

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What is the mechanism of action of Dovonex ointment?

Calcipotriol is a vitamin D derivative produces action by inhibits keratinocyte proliferation (without any evidence of cytotoxic effect) and induces terminal differentiation of keratinocytes, thus reversing the abnormal keratinocyte change in psoriasis. It shows a vitamin D–like effect by competing for the cellular receptors for calcitriol, a biologically active metabolite of vitamin D.

What is the dosing regimen of Dovonex Ointment?

For an application, you have to wash your hands before and after applying Dovonex, unless you are using it to treat a hand condition. You have to clean and dry the area of skin where you will apply Dovonex. Apply for the medicine only to the affected area, apply a thin layer to affected areas twice a day and rub in gently and completely not to the surrounding skin. The use of this medication may take up to 2 weeks before your symptoms improve. Remain using the medication as directed and tell your doctor if your symptoms do not get better after 8 weeks of treatment.

What are possible side effects of Dovonex Ointment?

Some common side effects may occur such as skin rash, or other irritation after applying for the medicine, severe burning, stinging, high calcium - nausea, worsening of your skin condition, vomiting, constipation, increased thirst or urination, muscle pain or weakness, bone pain, confusion, and feeling tired or restless.

What are the precautionary measures while using Dovonex Ointment?

  • You should not use vitamin or mineral supplements and other skin medications while you are using Dovonex unless your doctor has told you to.
  • Avoid application of this medication in case of allergic condition towards any ingredient in the Dovonex Ointment.
  • Keep away from exposing treated skin areas to sunlight or tanning beds as this medication can make you sunburn more easily or wear protective clothing when you are outdoors.

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