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Buy Soma 350mg | Generic Carisoprodol Online

CARISOPRODOL (kar-eye-soe-PROE-dole)

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Soma 350mg is a potent medication which provides skeletal muscle relaxant effects. It is a popular brand of generic Carisoprodol. It contains a very potent analgesic therapy for the treatment of muscle pain. The medication is centrally acting drug which possesses sedative properties also. Carisoprodol provides relieve from muscle pain by hindering the conduction of pain signals. Soma relaxes muscles and alleviates pain from muscle spasms.

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Soma 350mg contains Carisoprodol is a central nervous system depressant which provides sedative as well as skeletal muscle relaxant effects. Carisoprodol disturbs the neuronal communication within the reticular formation and spinal cord which provide results as sedation and altering pain perception. Soma should not be taken for more than two weeks as it is a habit forming medication and its long term use can be proved harmful.

In which conditions, the use of Soma 350mg should be avoided:

  • Soma 350mg is contraindicated if the patient is suffering from having liver or kidney problem.
  • Soma 350mg is contraindicated with benzodiazepines like Diazepam and Alprazolam, because combination of soma with these medications increases its sedative property.

What the Drug Interactions of Soma 350?

Soma 350 mg should not be taken alongwith the following medications:

  • Sodium oxybate, Carbinoxamine, Ticlopidine, Clopidogrel and doxylamine
  • Sleep medications, such as opiates, Drugs that improve wakefulness, such as modafinil and modafinil, Anxiety medications especially benzodiazepines, Pain killers, Drugs that prevent seizures, Allergy medicines like diphenhydramine.

Storage conditions for Soma 350mg

Soma 350mg should be stored properly at room temperature and away from moisture and heat. It should be kept away from children.

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How to take Soma 350mg

The medication follows a proper dosing format. It is suggested to take Soma 350 mg orally four times in a day and the last dose preferably be taken at night before going to bed. The onset of action of the medication is 30minutes. It can be taken with or without meals. Depending upon the severity of disease, the dose of Soma can be increased upto 500mg.Soma shows its effect within a short duration of time and the effect last for 4 to 6 hours. If medication is taken with high fatty diet, the therapeutic effect of the medication can get delayed.

Step to overcome overdosing

Overdosing of the medication should not be done. In case overdosing symptoms appears, patient needs to visit to the nearby doctor immediately.

Step to overcome missed dose

If the person forgets to take the medication, the missed dose should be taken as soon as get remember. But if the time of next dose has been reached, missed dose should be skipped and take your next dose at the regular time.

Undesired effects which are shown by the use of Soma 350mg

Common Side effects of the medication includes:

  • Headaches, Sleepiness, Dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, and trouble urinating.

Serious Side effect includes:

  • Skin reaction where the skin becomes extremely red, angioedema, Extreme weakness, poor coordination, Seizures, Dizziness and lightheadedness.
  • Feelings of fatigue, pancytopenia

Steps of precautions associated with the use of soma 350mg:

  • Soma should not be used by the children of age group under 12 years.
  • Never take alcohol alongwith the Soma therapy because it can worsen drowsiness.
  • The drug should not be used by the pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • The medication should not be used if the patient is allergic to the medication.
  • Driving or operating any machinery work should not be done because the drug can cause sleepiness