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Silverex Ionic 20gm

Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal

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Silverex Ionic Gel is a well-known medication for the treatment of skin burn. The main active ingredient present in Silverex Ionic Gel is Silver Nitrate that is used as wound antiseptics, mainly in burns. It is also used effectively for cauterizing bleeding in wounds.

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1 Tube Silverex Ionic 20gm $19.86 $19.86
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6 Tubes Silverex Ionic 20gm $83.16 $13.86

Mechanism of action of Silverex Ionic Gel:

Silver Nitrate shows its action mechanism by precipitating the bacterial protein and thereby releases silver ions, which impede the growth of the bacteria. Silver Ionic have the ability to get combine with sulfhydryl, carboxyl, phosphate, amino, and other biologically important chemical groups and therefore helps in treating burns and wound infection.

The dosage regimen of Silverex Ionic Gel:

Silverex Ionic Gel is commercially available in 20 gm tube pack that is for external use only. A patient should apply Silverex Ionic Gel 20 gm once in a day. You should moisten the tip of the tube with distilled water, beware not to use normal water, as normal water contains chloride that can interact to the drug and reduces its potency. Press the tube against the site of application for 2-3 minutes and then apply on the affected area.

Contraindications of Silverex Ionic Gel:

If a patient is allergic or hypersensitive to Silver Nitrate or any of the ingredients present in Silverex Ionic Gel, then the patient should not use this medication.

Precautions while applying Silverex Ionic Gel:

  • Silver nitrate has the ability to reduce fibroblast proliferation, so it is not suggested for prolonged or excessive use.
  • Avoid applying this medication to the eyes, nose and sensitive skin area.
  • This cream must not be used to cure a genital wart.
  • It is not recommended to apply this medication more than three times on the wart.
  • A pregnant woman and a lactating mother should consult a doctor before using this medication.

Side effects of Silverex Ionic Gel:

Some common side effects of Silverex Ionic Gel include volume depletion, electrolyte disturbances, gray to black staining of the skin, and conjunctivitis.

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