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Buy RU486 Abortion Pill Online | RU486 Mifepristone

RU486 Pill - Mifepristone

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Buy RU486 pill for the secretive abortion of the unwished pregnancy. RU486 comprises of generic mifepristone. This generic component is an anti-progesterone derivative drug.

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RU486 comprises of generic mifepristone. This generic component is an anti-progesterone derivative drug. It causes disturbance with the progesterone receptor, thus hindering progesterone hormone tying to the receptor. It is a safe and effective abortion pill and is available at a very affordable cost.

RU486 is intended for the abortion of the unwanted early pregnancy considering pregnancy less than 7 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnancy is counted from the last menstruation.

Mechanism of action

Mifepristone pill of RU486 pack after getting absorbed in blood it blocks all the real biological reaction towards the progesterone pill. It had both weak anti-gluco corticoid & anti-androgenic upheaval. The abortion process takes place in a natural process. Initially, the pill blocks the pregnancy hormone (progesterone) to get deliver in the uterus. In absence of this hormone, the endometrial lining of the womb discontinued to grow and then begin to detach from the uterus.

Advantage of using therapeutic therapy of RU486

  • 95%-98% successful therapy
  • Works best for aborting the early pregnancy
  • Evade the hazard of surgical intervention
  • confidential way of abortion


The use of RU486 is contraindicated in some cases. So know that conditions before the medication of this pill. The contraindicated cases are-

  • If the pregnancy has the passed the duration of 49 days of gestational duration.
  • In case of failure of chronic adrenal gland
  • If the pregnancy is found to be ectopic in nature
  • If the woman is allergic with mifepristone
  • If the woman has some complain regarding the unusual bleeding problem
  • In case of hepatic disorders or renal failure
  • Not to be used while lactation duration
  • In case of undiagnosed uterus mass

Drugs Interactions

Drugs that can interact with mifepristone are-

  • Ketoconazole,
  • voriconazole,
  • azithromycin,
  • Rifampin,
  • dexamethasone,
  • phenytoin,
  • Phenobarbital,
  • Carbamazepine.

Storage condition for the RU486 is store the pack at some safe and secure place. Store it at room temperature. Keep the pill away from the reach of the children.

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RU486 pack contains three pills of mifepristone each measuring the dose of 200 mg. all the three pills (measuring total of 600 mg) is taken through mouth. It is simply swallowed with water. After two days had a medical examination for the confirmation of the successful abortion process. In case the abortion is not successful then take two tablets of misoprostol pill each measuring 200 mcg. It can be taken with or without food. It can be administered vaginally or orally. After fourteen days, again visit clinic for the medical examination to make the surety of the execution of the pregnancy.

Do not take the dose more than prescribed amount as it can cause the probability of the overdosing. If any serious symptoms appear contact your doctor.

Woman is expected to have certain side effects like bleeding; it can be spotting also, vomiting, nausea, headache, fever, chill, exhaustion, giddiness, etc.

Take some safety steps so that you can have easy abortion. Do not take the sedative or any other drug that can induce the sleep. Do not use alcohol or cigarette. Avoid the sexual activity for few weeks after the abortion.