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Xenical 60mg | 120mg | Generic Orlistat

Orlistat (or li stat)

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Xenical is amongst the most popular medicine available in the market for the efficient weight loss. This medicine has Orlistat as its active ingredient and is impeccable in bringing down the weight of an obese person to an appreciable range enough to make the patient slim and fit. This medicine has a unique way of performing by bringing down the absorption of fat in the body so keeps a strict control over the weight of the person. 

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
30 capusale Xenical 60mg - Generic Orlistat $71.99 $2.40
90 capusale Xenical 60mg - Generic Orlistat $213.99 $2.38
42 capusale Xenical 120mg - Generic Orlistat $72.99 $1.74
84 capusale Xenical 120mg - Generic Orlistat $145.99 $1.74

What is the mode of performance of Xenical 60mg | 120mg in the human body?

Xenical is the medicine of therapeutic class called gastro intestine lipase inhibitor and the manner via the enzyme acts in the human body is inactivating the certain pancreatic and gastric lipase enzyme to hydrolyze the dietary fat in an absorbable form. Therefore, body in absence of any absorbable fat gets calorie deficit which makes the man completely able to put effective control over the body weight. This medicine assists the person to not to regain the lost weight also.

What is the dosing recommendation of Xenical 60mg | 120mg medicine?

Xenical is the medicine available in different dosing strengths 60mg & 120mg. Patients can take this medicine for about three times a day, orally with a glass of water. You can take this pill an hour before having the meal or an hour after taking up the fat based meal. It is mandatory for the patients when they are taking this medicine is to do regular exercise and must limit the fat content in their diet to not more than 30%.

What side effects do patients can develop by taking up Xenical 60mg | 120mg?

On taking up Xenical some patients can observe the following side effects such as bladder pain and discomfort, body stiffness, cough, diarrhea, nausea, runny nose, sneezing, sweating and fastening of breath.

What are the safety measures that a patient on Xenical 60mg | 120mg can follow?

Patients taking Xenical should follow these safety steps:

  • Exercising minimum 5 days a week and limiting the fraction of fats in the everyday diet is the most crucial thing to restrict on
  • Restricting the intake of alcohol and caffeine is the most important thing a patient should do
  • Do not follow any other weight loss program or take any herbal supplements for the weight loss as these might impact your body in an adverse way
  • Patients on Warfarin medicine or any blood thinners, or taking medicine for the diseases such as diabetes or thyroid should seek an expert advice for the dosage adjustment

What are the contradictions to the use of Xenical 60mg | 120mg medicine?

Patients on Xenical therapy should restrict the medical use in following cases:

  • Do not take Xenical if you are hypersensitive to it use
  • Xenical must not be used in case of gallbladder stones and malabsorption syndrome
  • This medicine must not be used in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding state
  • Abate the Xenical use in case you have gastrointestinal effect

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