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Nailon 5ml | Generic Ciclopirox


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Nailon Lacquer comes in the class of artificial antifungal medicine that has shown its use for dermatological treatment of a condition such as shallow mycoses. It is the medication that is to be applied topically to the skin. It is supposed to function on fungal infection by hindering the growth and development of fungus in the toenails and fingernails.Nailon shows effective use in the management of a scalp condition named as seborrheic dermatitis. The active generic of the medicine is Ciclopirox that is an antifungal drug that acts on the fungal infection by hindering the growth of fungus.

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1 Unit Nailon 5ml - Generic Ciclopirox $13.24 $13.24
3 Units Nailon 5ml - Generic Ciclopirox $29.72 $9.91
6 Units Nailon 5ml - Generic Ciclopirox $55.44 $9.24

Mechanism of action of Nailon 5ml:

Ciclopirox is an antifungal medication which has a wide range of activity; it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The drug imparts its effects by interacting with trivalent cations and inhibiting essential co-factors in enzymes. The drug has both fungistatic and fungicidal properties. It exhibits fungicidal properties by inhibiting enzymes such as cytochromes thereby disrupting vital cellular activities such as mitochondrial electron transport processes and energy production. This drug may also work by altering the plasma membrane which will lead to disorganization of internal structures of the fungi.

The dosing regimen for Nailon 5ml:

Nailon is applied once daily, it serves best when you do not wash the drug for about eight hours, apply it before dozing off. There is an applicator brush provided which should be used for the spreading the drug evenly on the affected part. Apply a thin film on the affected nail plate and cover about 5 mm of surrounding skin. It serves well if you apply this drug on the nail bed, and under the surface of the nail not remove the drug daily, it can be applied to the same film again. Remove the coat only after 7 days, with the help of alcohol.

Contradictory conditions with Nailon 5ml Lacquer:

The Nailon Lacquer should not be applied to the skin if you are allergic to any of the component of the medicine.Do not use the medicine for any infection other than fungal infection.

Preventive measures:

  • Alcohol intake should not be made while using Nailon medication for the fungal infection.
  • Be careful while using the medicine; do not allow the medicine to enter mouth, nose, eye or vagina
  • This medicine is highly flammable, so do not use in presence of heat or open flame.
  • Do not use this medicine to the children below the age of 12 years.

Side effects:

The person using Nailon medicine may experience some allergic reaction, like rashes, itching, redness, wheezing, tightness in the chest or throat,or irritation where this medicine is used. Some other side effects include swelling, blisters or sores, oozing or bleeding, or bleeding

Storage conditions:

The medicine is to be kept out of reach from the children and in a dry place at room temperature. The medicine should not be kept in the bathroom.

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