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Himalaya Arjuna for good Blood Circulation

Terminalia arjuna

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Arjuna is extracted from the Arjun Tree whose botanically name is Terminalia Arjuna. Arjuna is an impeccable herbal medicine of the Himalaya brand that is effective in correcting the circulation of blood within the blood vessels and the arteries supplying blood away from the heart. This drug is also effective in correcting the homocysteine levels and maintains blood pressure in the healthy range by bringing down the level of undue stress, hypertension, and coronary artery disorder. This medicine has also proved useful in correcting the kidney stones. Arjuna is an important component of the Triphala powder

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What is the methodology via Himalaya Arjuna exhibits its effect?

Himalaya Arjuna is available in the form of the capsule in the market to mask the bitter taste of the medicine. The bark of Arjuna has following therapeutic compounds enclosed within its bark such as;

  • Phenolic compounds: Arjunolic acid and Terminic acid
  • Glycoside compounds: Arjunetin and Arjunosides I–IV
  • Flavones
  • Hydrolysable Tannins
  • OligomericProanthocyanidins
  • Beta-sitosterol
  • Casuarinin
  • Co-enzyme Q-10
  • Ethanolic extracts and others

All these constituents of the bark make the functioning of the heart smooth moreover strengthens cardiac activities of the patients. This medicine is a strong cardioprotective compound that not only strengthens cardiac muscle but also regularizes beats of the heart. Arjuna plays an important role in strengthening the bones of the patient by enhancing the bone mineral density of the patient. Medicine is effective in treating peptic ulcer inside the GIT. Arjuna has utmost Astringent qualities that manage the leucorrhea condition also. Arjuna bark rich in Co-enzyme Q-10 lowers the risk of heart attacks.

What is the right way to take up Himalaya Arjuna capsules?

Patient suffering from any difficulty of the cardiac disorder are advised to swallow 1-2 capsules once or twice in a day with meals as suggested to you by your physician.The patient can stretch this medicine for a long time up to several weeks also. Herbal supplements give the best effect in the body as its absorption time in the body is less, therefore, the medicine gives an instant result with no side effects.

What are the side effects of taking Himalaya Arjuna capsules?

Herbal medicine has negligible side effects until they are consumed indefinite amount, an excess of this medicine may act a laxative and you may get loose and frequent stools. Patients who are allergic to Arjuna must restrict the use of medicine until recommended by a physician.

What cautionary steps do patients can take when they are on therapy of Himalaya Arjuna?

Patients taking herbal medicine Arjuna should follow these tips:

  • Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, oily foods and must stay away from the abuse of smoking and other drugs
  • Patient should avoid high sugary foods, pulses, curd, groundnut oil and egg preparations when they are on therapy of Arjuna medication

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