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Filitra 60 MG | Vardenafil 60MG

Vardenafil Generic Filitra 60mg

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Filitra 60mg contains generic Vardenafil hydrochloride, which is used as an oral therapy to overcome the erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem in which men fail to achieve penile erection during sexual intercourse. Vardenafil is responsible for dilation of blood vessels present in required areas. This drug is widely accepted for the treatment of dysfunction in erection. It is safe and effectual and shows its action immediately. If you want better results of Filitra then you should be taken this drug half an hour before the physical intimacy.

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How to use Filitra 60mg

Patients who suffer from severe erectile dysfunction largely use Filitra 60 mg. When you just start the dose of this medicament, keep in mind that you should start with a lower dose of drug and can gradually increase according to the patient need. Take Filitra tablet with a full glass of water before the sexual interaction. Filitra comes as a fast acting tablet. You should take it with water. Be sure to take this medication at least thirty minutes before sexual activity to ensure that you can achieve the best results when performing sexually.

Do not take Filitra 60mg if you

  • are allergic to Vardenafil hydrochloride or to any of the ingredients in your medicine
  • have severely impaired liver or kidney dysfunction
  • are taking medicines such as Fluvoxamine (for depression) or ciprofloxacin (an antibiotic) (see also ‘Taking other medicines’)
  • have heart problems such as coronary artery disease and heart attacks

Drug Interactions

You should NOT take Filitra 60mg with the following classes of drugs

  • Nitrates and its derivatives isosorbide and nitroglycerin
  • Drugs used in ulcer cimetidine
  • Angiotensin cholinesterase enzyme captopril and ramipril
  • Anti-fungal medications ketoconazole
  • Calcium channel blockers verapamil, nifedipine
  • Anti-hypertensive drugs doxazosin and prazocin
  • Anti-coagulant medicines warfarin

How to properly store Filitra 60 mg?

Correct storage of any drug or medication is very important as, if not properly stored, it may hamper the products advantage and efficiency of the active ingredient present in the drug.

  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets.

Special note for the users of Filitra 60 mg

This drug is effective only when person is sexually aroused, if someone is not sexually excited than it will not work.

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Uses of Filitra 60mg

Filitra 60mg should be used in cases of erectile dysfunction, which can occur due to many reasons like physical or psychological categories such as diabetes mellitus, smoking, alcoholism, depression and anxiety.

Missed dose or skipped doses

In case of miss dose, take it whenever you remember it. If it is almost the time for your next scheduled dose, you may skip the missed dose as taking extra medicine may lead to undesirable effects and addiction.


Overdosing with this drug can harm your liver seriously. It can also increase the blood pressure and make irregular heartbeat. When you take extra amounts of the drug, please go to the nearby hospital and take proper medication to solve this problem.

Side effects of Filitra 60mg

  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth

Safety measures while using Filitra 60mg

  • The person should not take Filitra with nitroglycerine as it may lead to serious enhancement in blood pressure
  • It should be kept away from the reach of children and pests.
  • Avoid grape juice and grape fruit in your diet as it reduces the performance of the drug
  • Inclusion of fatty acid rich foods in your diet also hinders the action of Filitra 60 mg
  • Do not drive after taking Vardenafil as it may cause faintness or drowsiness
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs can decline its performance