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Filagra Professional 100MG

Sildenafil sublingual sildenafil professional

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In males, it is found that the common sexual disability is impotence or erectile dysfunction. This disorder arises due to insufficient blood flow in the penile region. This low blood flow leads to this type of disorder. It can be treated by the use of Filagra Professional 100mg.

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Filagra Professional 100mg contains Sildenafil citrate as its main active pharmaceutical ingredient. So the MODE OF ACTION of Filagra Professional 100 mg is depends on the Sildenafil which has a tendency to enhance the potency of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum in the penile region, as it degrades the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 in the penile region. Therefore the enzyme do not degrade the cGMP in the penile region. Thus the blood flow in the penile region improved and the impotence in male is treated by using Filagra Professional 100 mg.

Filagra Professional 100 mg should not used in some conditions like as

  • If individual administered any compound which is a Nitric oxide donor, Nitrate derivatives or Nitrate like as Amyl nitrate, as it may cause dilation of blood vessels which lead to low blood pressure.
  • If you recently suffer from any heart disorder like as heart stokes.
  • If the liver of individuals does not work properly, then avoid the use of Filagra Professional 100 mg.

Filagra professional 100 mg should be STORED away from direct sunlight and moisture, at room temperature about 250c.

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For the treatment of impotence in adult males, one tablet of Filagra Professional 100 mg should be administered by the oral route once in a day only. It should be taken whenever needed and about one hour prior to the physical relation. This DOSE may be decreased or increased depending on the efficacy and tolerance power of the individual.

Filagra professional 100 mg when administered in high dose, then it may cause some severe harmful effect. OVERDOSE of this medicine has always required a medical attention. Some common symptoms of overdose include vomiting, reddening of the skin, and rashes on the skin, pain in the abdomen and pain in the penile region. In case of overdose you should immediately contact with your doctor.

Filagra professional 100 mg should be taken when needed by individuals, so the chance of MISSED DOSE of this medicine does not apply.

Filagra professional 100mg may cause some COMMON ADVERSE EFFECT like as improper digestion, blurriness in vision, pain in head and restlessness. These side effects diminish with time, so these do not require medical treatment. But if the side effects are continuous, then discontinue the use of Filagra Professional 100 mg and contact with your physician.

Precautions While Taking Filagra Professional 100mg

  • Do not use Filagra Professional 100mg in combination with any drugs such as Sodium nitrate, Amoxicillin, Clozapine, Erythrocin, as a combination of these may cause severe interaction.
  • If the individual is an older person then take this medicine with extra care, as a more sensitive reaction may occur.
  • It should not be used in younger individual who are lesser than 18 years of age.
  • Alcohol consumption should be in limit whenever you administer this medicine.