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Coverit Hair Oil


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Male pattern baldness happens because of the imbalance of the hormones (androgens). It is also applied by women having to thin of hair and it also works in controlling hair fall among men and women. This is applied topically to the head part. This is meant for alopecia and is available in a liquid dosage form.

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1 Bottle Coverit Hair Oil $7.25 $7.25
3 Bottles Coverit Hair Oil $20.80 $6.93
6 Bottles Coverit Hair Oil $40.82 $6.80

What is the mechanism behind the working of this hair oil?

Generic Minoxidil helps in elevation of anagen phase and lessens the telogen phase. This also improves the circulation of blood towards the scalp and makes the hair texture thicker, stronger, and darker. 

What is the exact way of using this hair oil over scalp?

Begin to divide the hair over scalp in two halves. Before using wash your head and then use 20 drops of this oil on your scalp with the help of this dropper.

What is the dosage scheme about this hair oil?

This should be applied for 4 months that can continue up to 1 year. One should apply it two times per day means one in morning hours and one in evening hours.

What are the contraindications one has to follow?

This medicinal preparation should never be applied under following conditions:

  • When you have hypersensitivity towards this medicine
  • When you have breathing problem or asthma
  • When you have scalp itching, inflammation, and irritation
  • When you have scalp disorders such as eczema, cuts, and wounds
  • When you are pregnant or you are breast feeding

What are the precautionary measures to follow always?

  • This oil must be applied every day without any interruption.
  • Children whose age falls below 18 years should never apply this medicine.
  • If you notice any harmful issue then you can stop applying it.
  • Cease the use of any other hair fall medications.
  • It is inflammable type so keep away from flames.
  • Do not apply when it is expired.
  • Use cautiously so that it does not pass in your mouth, eyes, and nose.

What are the harmful sick effects that you may observe after using this oil?

Some common forms of sick effects are as inflammation of scalp, irritation, itching. Sometimes you may also notice uneven heart rate, headache, drowsiness, convulsions, and breathing problems.

What are the drugs that highly interact with this hair oil?

Some forms of herbal preparations, any other hair oils, and prescription/non-prescription hair loss treating medicines.

What are the storage requirements that need to follow?

Do keep it in a place that is away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Place in a place that is away from small children reach.

Which is the best option to buy Coverit Hair Oil?

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