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Cenforce 50 mg | Buy Sildenafil 50mg Online | Generic Viagra

Sildenafil Citrate - Cenforce - 50mg

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Cenforce 50mg is a medicament which formulated by using Sildenafil Citrate. It is taken by oral route of administration and use to treat the erectile dysfunction in men.

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Recuperate your sexual dysfunction by using Cenforce 50 mg. Cenforce 50 mg has key component as Sildenafil that hikes cGMP level required for erection.


Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is a major problem among the males, as it occurs, due to the insufficient potency of cGMP in the penile region by which the flow of blood reduced in the penile region. This reduction of blood flow leads to erectile dysfunction in males. It can easily treated by using Cenforce 50mg, a drug which contains Sildenafil as its active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The MODE OF ACTION of Cenforce depends on the Sildenafil, as its active constituent. Sildenafil acts by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 which decrease the potency of cGMP. As the potency of cGMP enhanced after inhibition of this enzyme, it further increases the blood flow in the penile region and thus the person experienced erection during intimacy.



The consumption of this drug contraindicated in certain enlisting condition such as

  • In case of kidney dysfunction, avoid the use of this medicament.
  • It should not be taken if individuals taking nitrate or its derivative like as Nitric oxide and Nitrates of sodium.
  • In case of any allergy to Vardenafil.
  • In case individual suffering from severe heart problems like as heart stokes, strictly avoid the use of this medicine.


Cenforce 50mg should be STORED in proper storage conditions. It should be stored at room temperature 25c. It should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat. Children and pets should not come in contact with this medication.


Cenforce 50 mg is a magnificent and protected drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Buy Cenforce 50 mg online from our well-known drug store at reasonable rates and get exciting offers. You can save your valuable time by ordering it online as it may useful to save your precious time and delivered at your place on time.

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    I'm in my early 50's, I decided to give this a try, fatigue and age catching up with me, half hard most of the time. I took 50mg. and waited a couple hours, went to bed with the wife. Wow is all I can say! Twice! We have enjoyed it every since. Pricey though...tnku BestBuyMedsOnline (Posted on 10/24/16)

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Cenforce 50mg should be taken in a day as a single dose and this dose should be taken by oral route. It should be taken whenever needed at least one hour before the sexual activity. This dose of Cenforce depends upon the efficacy and tolerance power of men. It may be increased a maximum up to 100 mg and decreased up to 25 mg once in a day by oral route.

Cenforce should be administered in a dose, which is recommended. If it is taken in dose more than recommended, it is called as an OVERDOSE. If overdose occurs, then some symptoms appear, such as Nausea, Vomiting, pain in the male reproductive organ, chest pain and stomach pain. In case overdose taken by individuals, then immediately contact your physician.

There is not a chance of MISSED DOSE as Cenforce should be taken as a single dose and should be administered when needed.

Some common SIDE EFFECT may appear when individual use this medication. These include pain in the head; pain in stomach, diarrhea and color of the skin may change. All these side effects do not require any medical attention. If side effects persist, then discontinue the use of this medication and contact with your doctor.

Precautions While Taking Cenforce 50mg

  • You should not use this medication if you are taking other medicines like as Clarithromycin, Erythromycin and Amoxicillin.
  • In case individual drinking alcohol and grapefruit juice, take this medicine with extra care.
  • It should not be administered by women and males who are younger than 18 years of age.
  • In case of elder person, it should be taken with extra care, as hypersensitivity may occur.