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Biopose - Diazepam - Zepose 10 MG - Generic Valium

Diazepam - Zepose 10

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Biopose - Diazepam - Zepose 10 MG - Generic Valium
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Valium containing generic Diazepam belongs to the category of Benzodiazepine. This medicine is used for the treatment of anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This medicine treats anxiety by balancing the chemicals present in the brain which are unbalanced in the case of a person suffering from anxiety.

Dosage instruction of Valium 10mg-

  • For anxiety disorder: A person should administer valium 10mg in a 2 to 4 divided dose.
  • For  alcohol withdrawal symptoms: you should administer valium 10mg  in 3 to 4 divided dose on the first day and then dropping the dose to 5mg, 3 to 4 times as required.
  • For Skeletal muscle spasm: A recommended dose of 10mg should be consumed 4 times in a day.

Contraindications of Valium 10mg-

  • A person having a history of hypersensitivity towards generic Diazepam should avoid the use of this medicine.
  • You should not consume this medicine if you are suffering from the problem of muscle disorder.
  • If you are suffering from sleep apnea then fade away the usage of valium.

Adverse effect of Valium 10mg-

Individual may face certain side effects after consuming this drug such as lethargy, loss of bladder control, tired feeling, muscle weakness, muscle twitching, and loss of coordination, tremor, and difficulty in urinating.

Safety tips to be followed while administering Valium 10mg tablets are:

  • Valium is a habit forming medicine so you should not consume this medicine for more than 2-3 weeks as it may make you habitual of this medicine.
  • Intake of this medicine makes a person feel sleepy so you should not drive or do any work that requires complete alertness. 

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