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Aloe Vera cream gives our face the best care of nature by giving the soothing moisturization and the hydration which the skin of our face demands. Aloe Vera present in cream is extracted naturally from the Aloe plant species and is modified in the laboratory for giving the best care to your face. The cream gives best protective care to your face by treating the various ailments of the face such as acne and pimple marks, sunburns, fine lines, and wrinkles. Not just cosmetic but the cream is exceptionally good in serving the medical purposes such as skin infections, wounds, burns, and other skin irritation conditions. 

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1 Tube Aloevera Protective Cream $9.06 $9.06
2 Tubes Aloevera Protective Cream $17.01 $8.51
3 Tubes Aloevera Protective Cream $25.51 $8.50

What is the way of action of Aloe Vera protective cream?

Aloe Vera is the natural ingredient with water base, therefore, it swiftly gets adsorbed in the deep pores of the skin giving the complete healing to the facial cells and enhancing the synthesis of collagen protein to promote healing and youthfulness of the face by replacing the older cells with new synthesized dermal cells. You can wear this cream before going in the pool to prevent harmful effects on the skin.

What is the way to use Aloe Vera protective cream?

Like any other cream Aloe Vera cream also has a simple way of application. Wash your face with mild face wash or clean your face with a mild cleanser over cotton swab to remove any dirt and makeup. Now apply small dots of cream over the face and then blend the same with a mild massage over upward circular motion.

What are the side effects of using Aloe Vera protective cream?

This cream is completely safe for all skin types to be applied over the face but the patient allergic to Aloe Vera should avoid the use of this cream. Over usage of cream over the face is not recommendable.

What cautions do a user of Aloe Vera protective cream must take?

Patients allergic to members of Liliaceae family must avoid using this medicine else skin face might get stung. Use of this cream should be avoided by the patients in medical conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. Diabetic patients having any wounds and cuts must avoid using this medication. Patients those are undergoing any planned surgery must avoid using the cream over the surface. Direct exposure of surface area to UV is harmful to the skin.

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