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Adaferin Gel 0.1% | Adapalene

Generic Adapalene

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Adaferin gel is the branded formulation that encloses Adapalene as its chief therapeutic ingredient. This medicated formulation heals the condition of skin and makes your face look glossy, free of a pimple, wrinkle, acne, melasma, blemish, dark spots or tanned skin. The gel can heal the severe acne in patients of age 12 years to more. 

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1 Tube Adaferin Gel 0.1% $7.54 $7.54
1 Tubes Adaferin Gel 0.1% $21.75 $21.75
1 Tubes Adaferin Gel 0.1% $42.54 $42.54

What is the action mechanism of Adaferin gel?

Adaferin gel embracing 0.1% Adapalene boasts off its impact on the face of the person by following a simple mechanism that is by binding to the retinoic acid nuclear receptors and retinoid X receptors to normalize the differentiation process of follicular epithelial cells thus shatters the micro comedones formation.

What is the methodology of application of Adaferin gel?

Squeeze a small amount of Adaferin gel from the tube over your fingertip and then apply the same once in a day prior going to bed in nighttime after washing and pat drying your face. Apply the cream only on the affected region and prevent getting it in touch of your mucosal regions like eyes, lips, nose or vagina. The effect is sure but after the lapse of few weeks or months. If in case the acne on your face does not get reduced after 8 to 12 weeks then seek the advice of connoisseur.

What are the do's and don'ts associated with Adaferin gel?

A person using this gel can come across some adverse effects like little burning, itching, redness, stinging, warmth, swelling and redness at the site of application. Never apply the topical formulation over the damaged, injured, broken or eczematous regions of the skin. Evade using products that cause skin irritation like skin bleach, scrub, astringents or facial preparations containing lime extracts. Do not move to Sunlight without draping your face else may invite sunburns or itching on your face.  Do not apply skin products that have alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid with this preparation.

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