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9 PM Eye Drops - Xalatan - Latanoprost

9 PM - Latanoprost - Xalatan

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Overview about 9 PM Eye Drops

9 PM Eye Drops is a sterile eye solution which is prescribed for the treatment of open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Glaucoma and ocular hypertension is an eye disorder in which a pressure in the eye gets raised more than the normal 9 PM Eye Drops pressure. In Glaucoma disorder, irreversible blindness can also be occurred due to raised ocular eye pressure. This eye drop just enhances the flow of the eye fluid through the aqueous humor.

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3 Latanoprost Eye Drops $34.50 $11.50
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10 Latanoprost Eye Drops $92.00 $9.20
15 Latanoprost Eye Drops $138.00 $9.20
20 Latanoprost Eye Drops $172.50 $8.63
25 Latanoprost Eye Drops $215.05 $8.60
30 Latanoprost Eye Drops $258.75 $8.63

9 PM Eye Drops contains Generic Latanoprost as an active ingredient. It is a synthetic chemical which mimic the activity of prostaglandin analogue. It lowers the raised pressure of the eye by enhancing the outflow of the eye fluid through the aqueous humor.

Contraindication of 9 PM Eye Drops

9 PM Eye Drops should not be used in certain enlisting condition such as

  • If have any allergy to Generic Bimatoprost or any of its ingredient
  • It should not be used by the pregnant and breastfeeding female.
  • In case of using eye drop containing Bimatoprost as an active drug
  • In case of herpes eye infection

Drug Interaction with 9 PM Eye Drops

9 PM Eye Drops should never be taken along with certain drugs such as

  • Bimatoprost as in combination with 9 PM Eye Drops, it results in raised intraocular pressure than the normal eye pressure.
  • Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

 It should be Stored at 2°-25°C (36°-77°F).Keep it away from the reach of children or pets.

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Dosage and direction of 9 PM Eye Drops

Before using this eye drop ,person should take off the contact lenses and wear it after 15 minutes of using this eye drop The adult patient should instill one drop of this drug in the affected eye one time in a day usually at evening.. The lowering of intraocular pressure starts in 4 hours and maximum effect seen after 8- 12 hours of administering this eye drop. The person should never take more than the recommended dose as it causes overdose symptoms. In such cases the patient should consult to the doctor immediately.

In case of skipping a dose of this eye drop, use it as soon as possible. If it is time for next dose then skipped it and follows the regular dosage regimen. Don't take the extra dose to catch up the missed dose it may cause undesired effects.

Side Effects of 9 PM Eye Drops

Some common side effects caused by 9 PM eye drop include Redness, vision changes, mild eye discomfort, dizziness, feeling swelling, itching, or pain in or around your eye, oozing or discharge from your eye, increased sensitivity to light.

Safety Tips While taking 9 PM Eye Drops

  • The person should maintain a time gap of at least 5 minutes In case of using more than 2 eye drop.
  • In case of any eye infection after using this eye drop consult to the doctor.
  • Always take off your contact lenses before pitting this eye drop as the preservative of this eye drop soften the lenses.
  • Never touch the tip of the dropper as it may contaminate the product and may cause eye infection.
  • It is for eye use only. Don't put it in the nose or ear.
  • Don't get involved in the work that requires alertness until you know how to react to it as this drug makes the person's vision blurred.