There are many things involved in day to day life: Like getting up from the bed, waking up, walking to do other works and make the child ready to go to school, washing the clothes, cleaning the utensils, cooking, and much more. Think what happens when you are not able to walk or feel any sensation or it pains when you do little normal works or if you cry with severe pain. This cannot be express in words, right! Lack of sensation or failing in doing every day works can put a pause in your life. It happens in the condition of neuropathic pain. Sad to say but persons dealing with nerve pain have to face the above scenario in their day to day life. These persons face symptoms like numbness, tingling, feeling of burning and sometimes loss of motor functioning. The prickly and disheartened feelings become so severe that the sufferer loses his ability to live as an individual and to move here and there.

Neuropathic pain is a result of damaged somatosensory system’s nerves that is a type of peripheral neuropathy. This pain often seems as nociceptive pain that comes when the nerve endings are triggered by the damaged tissue like injury or cut or a broken bone.

The good news is a neuropathic pain can be treated by using Lyrica medicine. This medicine makes you free from different feelings like tingling, stabbing, pins and needles, burning and sense of electric shock. Lyrica works well for any type of neuropathy like shingles, alcoholism, spinal cord injury, infectious illness, facial nerve disease, chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and diabetes. The other name of Lyrica is an anti-seizure drug that equally treats nerve pain of shingles. By giving you relief in nerve pain, this medicine helps you to do your normal tasks without any problem.

Lyrica–a branded approved medicine contains Pregabalin as its generic compound. It acts by balancing the unbalanced chemicals of the brain that blocks the transmission of pain signal to the brain making the brain unaware of the pain. It is supposed that this medicine reduces the noradrenergic and serotonergic pathways. This medicine enhances the effect of GABA resulting in its beneficial effects.

The dosing proposal for nerve pain:

Persons dealing with nerve pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathy are advised to take Lyrica 50 mg orally, thrice a day. The highest dosing that a person may take in a day is 100 mg, via mouth thrice daily (300 mg per day) with an abundance of water. Wait for one week time before reaching the maximum dose of Lyrica.

If nerve pain is related to Postherpetic neuralgia, then take Lyrica 75 to 150mg, two times in one daytime or 50 to 100 mg three times a day.

For managing the nerve pain of Fibromyalgia: It is advised to take Lyrica 300 to 450 mg in a day. In starting time, take Lyrica 75 mg two times a day then augment the dose by 150 mg twice daily within a week as per acceptability and tolerability.    


If nerve pain is related to spinal cord injury: Take Lyrica 150-600 mg in one day. In the beginning, time, take Lyrica 75 mg twice daily that can be increased by 150 mg twice a day within 1 week according to tolerability.

Not all, only a few users of Lyrica have faced the side effects of it like dried mouth, constipation, sleepiness, faintness, trouble in concentration, bloated arms/legs, and increase in weight.


  • Alcohol may enhance the side effects of Lyrica so it is better to avoid taking this product.
  • Lyrica may make some people irritable, agitated, or abnormal behaviors if you notice any symptoms of it call your doctor on urgent basis.
  • Never stop taking Lyrica without talking to the doctor as it may develop drug withdrawal symptoms.