A newlywed life is something beyond the explanation for any couple that brings joy, happiness, excitement, some sour and sweet moments, which they enjoy together and understand each other. During this phase of life, if you are planning for a pregnancy then it is fine but if you face this situation accidentally and unintentionally then the same pregnancy can only give you anxiety. Hence, if you have not planned a gestation and wanted to enjoy your marriage life and togetherness then end and eliminate the anxiety of unplanned conception by using MTP Kit.

MTP Kit description: MTP Kit is an easily accessible abortion pill brand that is employed worldwide for the safe, successful, and private mode of pregnancy termination just by using pills. MTP Kit is thus used to end and remove an early duration of pregnancy of up to 9weeks or 63days. MTP Kit encloses pills for generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are taken as suggested for the safe and secure annihilation of an undesired conception.

MTP Kit working: Mifepristone moiety pills acts as an inhibitor to progesterone and thus hinders the working of progesterone hormone, which is vital for supporting a pregnancy. This stops the further growth of gestation following the detaching of uterine wall lining and the shedding of growing embryo. Misoprostol moiety acts as an analog of prostaglandins that causes strong contractions of uterus and widening of the cervix for an easy removal of abortion contents out from the body in the form of vaginal bleeding.

MTP Kit usage: A single MTP Kit encloses total 5pills in a manner of 1pill of Mifepristone (of 200mg strength) and 4pills of Misoprostol (each pill is of 200mcg strength). Thus, prescribing schedule involves first the oral ingestion of 1pill of Mifepristone using water and without having the food. Then, two days later, oral ingestion or vaginal insertion of 4pills of Misoprostol is suggested as a single dose. Two weeks after, the medical examination is advised for confirming the complete abortion.

Side effects of MTP Kit: Nausea, back pain, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, heavy vaginal bleeding, or strong abdominal cramps are some commonly observed side effects of MTP Kit pills.

Contraindications for the use of MTP Kit:

  • Use of MTP Kit pill is contradictory during breastfeeding, in case of ectopic pregnancy, in girls of less than 18years of age.
  • It is conflicting to take MTP Kit if you are suffering from oversensitivity issue to any moiety of these pills.
  • Using MTP Kit is contraindicatory if the user is suffering from medical conditions of the liver, kidney, heart, asthma, migraine, epilepsy, or bleeding disorder.
  • A woman should not use MTP Kit pills while wearing IUD (Intrauterine device); hence, she should remove the device before using abortion pills.

Safety measures while using MTP Kit:

  • A woman taking MTP Kit pills is advised to take healthy nutritious diet and take proper rest for speedy recovery.
  • Women taking MTP Kit pills should not indulge in strenuous activities else, this can increase the risk of pelvic pain.
  • Sensual intimacy is unadvised until the bleeding is stopped else, this may upsurge the risk of infection and pregnancy soon again.

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