"Stay Away From Anxiety with the Help of Librium Medication"

Anxiety is an unrealistic fear in which the cause may or may not be identified. The reason for anxiety may be exposure to traumatic and stressful life events, observing others, experiencing trauma, behaving fearfully, vigorously watching movies and TV. The person who is suffering from anxiety may feel fear, nervousness, restlessness and muscular tension. In many patients, it has been seen that anxiety occurs due to height, water, and future. Anxiety can occur for a short period like before interviewing for a job, during the examination, taking with new person etc.



Anxiety may become severe that is called as an advanced form of anxiety. In that condition of anxiety a person feels more frustrated and can take a very dangerous decision like he or she can think of suicide.

Librium is an important medication that is significantly used for the treatment of anxiety. It can also be used for the management of fear and anxiety before surgery and acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In combination with Amitriptyline, this medication can be used to treat new daily persistent headache disorder.

Librium comes under the class of medication known as benzodiazepines. It produces its action by acting on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) and decreases the movement of chemicals in the brain to show a calming effect. It acts on GABA (Gama Amino Butyric Acid) receptors. This action is helpful in a reduction in nervous tension (anxiety) and muscle spasm, and also causes sedation.

Method of administration of Librium 25mg/10mg:

Librium is a solid preparation which should be administered orally with sufficient amount of water. You should start taking this medication at low dose i.e. 5 to 10 mg. three to four times in a day in the case of mild disorder. For severe anxiety, the recommended dose is 20 to 25 mg dose three to 4 times in a day. You should not suddenly stop the intake of this medication as it can show withdrawal symptoms.


What are the side effects of Librium 25mg/10mg?

This medication may produce few harmful effects that can be tolerated by an individual such as clumsiness, confusion, and lightheadedness, and headache, lack of coordination, dizziness, excessive daytime drowsiness, unsteadiness and unusual weakness. If these effects become severe you should consult a doctor for treatment.

Few defensive measures that must be followed while taking Librium:

  • Intake of alcohol can increase the chances of side effects so do not consume alcohol along with this medication.
  • This medication must be used under proper health care guidance in the case of children.
  • After ingestion of this medication, you may feel drowsiness and dizziness effects so do not drive.
  • Allergic to any ingredients of Librium patients should not use this medication as it can be harmful.
  • This medication is prohibited if you are suffering from severe liver and disease, acute narrow-angle glaucoma, a mental state where contact with reality is lost (psychosis).


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