Everything is fruitful and blissful when they go as per the planning or as one thought for. Nevertheless, when something happens that is not expected they can be horrendous or worrying. Unwanted pregnancy is one of the things when that destroys all the happiness and enjoyment when not planned for a baby. On the contrary, pregnancy is good news when one is ready to give a birth or conceive. The situation, when a woman experiences unwanted pregnancy or undesirable, are accidental pregnancy due to prenuptial pregnancy, rape, failure of contraception, academics, job, health-related issues etc.

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In such condition, women come across with different kind of mental and psychological complications and finally, she chooses termination of unwanted gestation. a woman can terminate her unwanted gestation with the help of medicine known as MTP KIT.

MTP KIT is an astonishing medicine most commonly suggested for the termination of unwanted gestation in women. This medicine can be used to eliminate the gestation of about 9 weeks of pregnancy the day is counted from the first day of the last gestation. It encloses Mifepristone and Misoprostol as the main active ingredient belongs to the category of medicine called as anti-progestin drugs acts by blocking the action of progesterone thus fetus is not proficient to grow and the cells become dead. Misoprostol shows action by causing the contraction of the uterus and excretes the cell.

The method of termination using MTP KIT:

Initially, consume 1 Mifepristone pills to be used orally with an ample amount of water. two days later take 4 Misoprostol pills you can take it via oral and vaginal route use sterile water if you have to use by vaginal route. Following 14 days consult the doctor for the verification of termination of unwanted gestation.

Possible side effects: This medicine may show some unwished effects such as giddiness, stomach cramping or pain, vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, severe exhaustion, nausea, back pain, and vomiting. In case any women experience heavy bleeding then she should immediately consult the doctor.  

Precautions while using MTP KIT: 

  • One should not use the medicine if having an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb) and never take the medicine if you are allergic to any constituent in the medicine.
  • Before using this medicine you must take away your IUD and you are suggested to avoid being engaged in physical relation for some weeks. 
  • This is suggested to consult the doctor if you are patient with chronic adrenal failure or Addison disorder, severe undiagnosed uterine bleeding, severe liver and kidney disorder or any other medical condition.
  • While having an abortion, bleeding may perhaps occur so take rest and eat nutritious food and for fast revival and early recovery.

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