Almost every female wants to become a mother in her life and most of the females want to become mother according to her wish. Unwanted pregnancy is one of the common difficulties that several females’ experiences that may occur due to many reasons like a failure of contraceptives, condoms, sexual harassment etc. in that situation when they are not mentally and psychologically prepared to become mother want a conclusion. Therefore, most of these females during that time want to eliminate her unwanted gestation. However, the time when these females face the situation unplanned pregnancy is very tough and frustrating condition. Most of the females want gestation after accomplishing their target of her job education, business or after defeating health issues etc. so if you are in the same situation and want to complete your dream so that decided for an abortion then eliminate your unwanted gestation by using best and effective medicine called as MTP KIT.

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MTP KIT is an outstanding medicine most frequently recommended for the termination of unwanted gestation. Females using this medicine can abort her unwished gestation at home at her desired place. It is effective in eliminating the unwanted gestation of about 63 days and the day is considered from the first day of last menstruation.  Mifepristone comes in the category of medicine called as progestin inhibitor, acts by hindering progesterone hormone, which deters the improvement and development so this isolates uterine divider and takes out dead embryo, placenta from the ladies womb. Misoprostol belongs to the class of prostaglandin analog that works by developing contraction in the fetus so this distributes with the unwanted growth.


To abolish unwanted gestation using MTP KIT a female has to consume 5 pills 1 Mifepristone pill and 4 Misoprostol pill. On the first day consume 1 Mifepristone pill via mouth with the help of ample amount of ample amount of water and can be used with or without food. After two days you should consume 4 Misoprostol pill you can take it via orally or vaginally then 14 days later go to the doctor for the verification of elimination of unwanted gestation. During the abortion, you should consume healthy and nutritious food for fast revival and recover blood loss. Some common unwanted effects may probably occur like breast pain, heavy vaginal flow, spotting, vaginal discharge, spotting, pelvic pain, breast tenderness, and mood swings and nausea.


You should consult the doctor in case you are suffering from severe liver and kidney disorder, cardiovascular issue, a blood disorder, mental disorder etc. You should not avoid doing tasks that need alertness like operating or driving after taking this medicine. During the administration of this medicine, you should remove Intra Uterine Device and avoid if you are allergic to any component in the medicine. You must quit the use of alcohol or other sedative products while using this medicine as this may enhance the side effects. Females having an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb) should not use the medicine.

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