In today’s article, we will discuss the truly important facts about teen pregnancy.

  • Teens that get pregnant have improper communication between them and their parents about this topic because they feel that their parents will react badly when they know about it. This is the main cause why teens become alone in making their important decision.
  • At this age, some teens have a strong body to take the burden of the baby while some of them are not as much capacity to hold a baby in them. Sadly only 57 out of 100 teens become able to give birth while 14 of them face miscarriage because of their body. Teens who conceive have a higher risk on their physical health and it is the reason it is suggested that a woman should conceive only when she is ready physically or mentally when her body is quite enough to take the baby in her bump.
  • Only 11% of teens become able to give birth all over the world.
  • Expenses of teen pregnancy are also very high that cannot be easily afforded by a teen that is middle of her studies. At this time, she is dependent on her parents for her living so the additional responsibility of baby adds more expenses and surely makes her leave education.
  • Parenthood is the main reason for dropping out of the school. About half of them remain under graduated that results in living life on other’s dependence, poverty, lack of basic requirement.

The first interaction that teen make with a boy is a result of unwished or involuntary intercourse that results in unplanned pregnancy. However, if a teen has decided to choose abortion then MTP Kit works best for it. This is abortion by medicines only that can be easily done at home without any one’s help. Being a non-surgical one, this can be done by own self without any one’s help. Unexpected pregnancy of 9 weeks can easily be terminated by the use of this abortion pill. Apart from that, it seems more private in comparison to surgical one because there is no need to tell other about abortion and maintain the secrecy of pregnancy or abortion news. MTP Kit is made up of two medicines namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

First drug Mifepristone comes into effect by inhibiting progesterone hormone that results in cut off of the nutritional supply to the developing fetus. In this way, the fetus life ends here. Then Misoprostol comes into play by making faster contractions in the uterus so that abortion contents get out of the body via female private part.

MTP Kit is simple to take, when you become sure about your unexpected pregnancy then on next day take one Mifepristone (200mg) pill orally with an abundance of water. You remain living your normal life without change then when it comes a 3rd day, administer 4 Misoprostol pills (200mg) buccally or vaginally. After this, you should be on rest and healthy diet. Be prepared you may expect heavy bleeding after taking this medicine so take healthy diet. Then comes 14th day it is the time of ultrasound so that you get sure about abortion.

MTP Kit may cause some risky effects like dimness, irritation, clumsiness in vaginal part, heavy bleeding from the vagina, awkwardness, abdominal cramps, disease, and pelvic uneasiness.

Follow this safety advice to make yourself safe from the side effects like:-

Stay away from getting physical because it is not the right time, this time you may face developing a vaginal infection or pregnancy again.

Please never take MTP Kit if you are facing an ectopic pregnancy.