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Blaxin | Synclar 250mg | Generic Clarithromycin Tablets

Generic Clarithromycin 250mg Tablets

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Blaxin or Synclar are advice for treatment of certain bacterial infections like pneumonia (a lung infection), infections of the ears, skin, sinuses, throat, and bronchitis (this is an infection of tubes that go towards the lungs).Beside this, it is also advised in treating and preventing disseminated Mycobacterium Avium complex (MAC) infection that is a type of lung infection that often affects persons dealing with HIV. This medicine is placed in the class of macrolide antibiotics. Clarithromycin is the raw drug present in both of branded medicines.

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64 Tablets Blaxin | Synclar 250mg $109.49 $1.71
128 Tablets Blaxin | Synclar 250mg $214.82 $1.68

Secondly, understand the working of Blaxin or Synclar 250mg:

Clarithromycin restricts the bacteria by working as a protein synthesis inhibitor. It gets attached to 23S rRNA, a component of the 50s subunit of the bacterial ribosome.In this way, it blocks the translation of peptides.

Then know the dosing of Blaxin or Synclar 250mg:

Generic Clarithromycincomes in dosing strength of 250mg in tablet formulation. One dose of this medicine needs to be taken via oral route at every 12 hours for 10 days. Take this medicine regularly as skipping adose of it may enhance the risk of infection again.

Be clear about the side effects of Blaxin or Synclar 250mg:

Some of the reported side effects of Generic Clarithromycin are cough hoarseness, fever or chills, lower back or side pain, painful or trouble in urinating. These side effects last for a few minutes and get fade away without causing any complications.

Very important to understand the contraindications of Blaxin or Synclar 250mg:
  • The use of Clarithromycin is restricted when you have a life-threatening heart rhythm disorder or a history of long QT syndrome or liver disorder.
  •  In addition, if you are hypersensitive to any raw drug of it then you are not allowed to take this medicine.
  • Do not use Blaxin or Synclar if you have a history of cholestatic jaundice or liver dysfunction.
  • Do not utilize Clarithromycin along with colchicine in people with severe liver renal or hepatic impairments.

Very important to understand the precautionary measures:

  • Take Clarithromycin for the full prescribed duration as your symptoms start improving before this infection is completely cleared from the skin.
  • Intake of Clarithromycin may fail the work of live bacterial vaccines, so do not have any immunization while taking this medicine.
  • Do not breastfeed your child while being treated with Clarithromycin, or else, this may affect your nursing child.
  • Never recommend Clarithromycin medicine to anyone younger than 6 months of age.
  • Pregnant women should discuss their doctor prior to using this medicine.

Very important to understand the drug interactions of Blaxin or Synclar 250mg:

Some drugs exhibit drug interaction with generic Clarithromycin, so do not use any of these listed drugs while relying on the treatment of Blaxin or Synclar:

  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs: Amiodarone, Dofetilide, Pimozide
  • Rifamycins: Rifabutin
  • Efavirenz
  • PDE-5 blockers: sildenafil, Tadalafil
  • Ergot alkaloids: Ergotamine, Dihydroergotamine
  • Birth control pills
  • statin drugs: lovastatin, simvastatin

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