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Aventyl 25mg | Nortriptyline Medication

Nortriptyline-(nor trip ti leen)

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Aventyl is a prominent brand that embodies generic Nortriptyline 25mg and used for the management of severe depressive disorders, cope the patient from the instances of anxiety, disturbed sleep, feeling of guilt, lack of cognition, concentration and bed wetting issues of children. 

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What is the action mechanism of Aventyl 25mg?

The active constituent present in the brand Aventyl is Nortriptyline, which falls in the therapeutic category called Tri-Cyclic Antidepressants that exhibits its therapeutic effect by inhibiting the reuptake of the neurotransmitter serotonin at the neuronal membrane via acting on beta-adrenergic receptors. The medication does not inhibit Mono Amine Oxidase (MAO) and the effect of dopamine reuptake. The medicine calms the patient from their anxious or depressed mental state.

What is the dosing methodology of Aventyl 25mg?

You can take the Aventyl medicine three-four times in a day before having the meals with colossal water. You have to take this medicine for few weeks to months as prescribed by the physician after analyzing your mental and medical condition. The maximum dosing that you can consume in a day is 150mg.

In case you skip the dose, then you can consume it as soon as you remember but avoid its replication if it's the time of your next dosing. Never duplicate your dosing.

What are the pernicious effects that an Aventyl 25mg can cause?

Some pernicious effects that a person might report after the intake of medicine are queasiness, diarrhea, gastric upset, excessive thirst or hunger, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, sleep disturbance, and body weight alterations.

What are the Do's and Don'ts associated to Aventyl 25mg?

Patients hypersensitive to the intake of medicine, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must not take this medicine without seeking the advice of the physician. Patients who were taking MAO Inhibitors medicines from last 14 days must not consume Aventyl without discussing with connoisseur. Do not consume alcohol, drive a vehicle, participate in outdoor sports or operate any machine after the intake of medicine else, you can meet an accident due to laziness and fatigue in the body.

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